Industrial degreaser remover for metal, glass, stone and ceramics surfaces 500 ml


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Producent: Bosman - professional series for everbody
Thermal resistance after hardening from -30 ° C to 120 ° C
For smooth / non-absorbent surfaces
Inside and out
Rain resistant
Resistant to UV radiation
Moisture resistant
Shelf life 24 months
Application temperature from 5 ° C to 40 ° C

The product is available in the amount of:

500 ml can

Use by date:

24 months from the production date indicated on the packaging.


Product properties

BOSMAN Indusrtial Cleaner-Degreaser is a multifunctional cleaning and degreasing agent for use on such surfaces as metals, glass, stone, ceramics and other chemically resistant materials. It evaporates instantly. It contains ketone solvents that very quickly dissolve and remove residue, grease and other workshop dirt.

Logistics information

Packaging type:
Collective package:
Quantity on a pallet
500 ml
12 pcs.
1200 psc.

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